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Nexen Awards $125,000 in Latest Next Level Sweepstakes Drawing

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Nexen Awards $125,000 in Latest Next Level Sweepstakes Drawing

Steven and Susan Maples of Bay City Wheel & Tire LLC, a shop in Mobile, Ala., won $125,000 in Nexen Tire America Inc.'s third quarter Next Level sweepstakes.

Bay City Wheel & Tire sold just over 250 Nexen tires in the third quarter to qualify.

The Maples overcame the odds and were selected for the grand prize, proving that all dealers of any size hold great opportunity to earn big dollars on the Next Level program, according to Nexen.

In Nexen’s “Match and Win” game, the Grand Prize winner picks and opens sealed envelopes with a dollar amount, no less than $75,000, until he or she finds three matching amounts. On the seventh draw, Bay City Wheel & Tire Shop matched and won $125,000.

American Tire Distributors of Mobile, Ala., which supplies Nexen tires to the Bay City shop, attended the event to support its customer. Steven Maples, said, “The wife and I will definitely be purchasing a few things that we don’t need.”

Nexen also gave away a first prize of $30,000 to Bruce Bedsole of Herndon Tire Co., a single shop in Eufaula, Ala. Herndon, which purchases its Nexen tires through Hornsby Tire Distributors Inc., earned its place in the drawing with overs totaling just over 200 units.

The sweepstakes event was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, Calif., on August 27.

For more details on the Nexen Next Level program contact a Nexen representative or your local distributor.

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