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Find Out Who Is Making the DieHard Tire -- and More

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Find Out Who Is Making the DieHard Tire -- and More

When Sears Holdings Corp. launched its DieHard Silver Touring A/S tire line, there were informational gaps in the announcement.

Who was going to produce the tire for Sears? Where would it fit in the Sears tire portfolio? What other tire segments would the DieHard compete in?

Modern Tire Dealer has answers to those questions. Editor Bob Ulrich shares insights from his interview with Brian Kaner, president of the 650-store Sears Auto Centers chain, in his latest blog, "More Facts and Figures on the New Sears DieHard All-Season Tire."

Kaner was very forthcoming with Sears' plans for the DieHard tire brand. He declined comment on one question: Who was manufacturing the tire. Ulrich found out anyway.

To find out everything you want to know about DieHard tires, read the blog. Then let us know what you think about the chances a brand with such an iconic name will survive and thrive in the aftermarket by leaving a comment!

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