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ASA Automotive Creates G4, a Mobile-Friendly POS System

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ASA Automotive Systems Inc. has released G4, a mobile point-of-sale system designed for exclusive use with TireMaster Enterprise software.

The system is built to run on both mobile devices and desktop computers. G4 allows technicians to enter vehicle inspections notes on a mobile tablet and store them electronically, saving time and paper. It helps service reps generate estimates, including good, better, and best options with side-by-side visual product comparisons. Estimates can be saved for follow-up marketing or converted on the spot into quotes and invoices, maintaining a full record of items recommended, purchased, or declined.

”This new product will pay for itself by increasing ticket value,” says Ken Halle, president of ASA Automotive Systems. “It helps you remarket declined services, sends alerts about service intervals for upselling, and ensures service writers capture all the required labor components in their estimates.”  Shops using Epicor can access the parts and labor catalogs, vehicle service checklists, and service intervals right in the G4 application. 

“Using G4 POS, my sales staff can now quickly and accurately quote out-the-door pricing,” says Craig Bruneel, president of Idaho-based Bruneel Point S. “Reps can access any data they need at the point of sale, including complete household information. This has improved both the customer experience and our sales efficiency.”

For Bruneel’s 12 locations, he says G4 is enabling an increase in sales per man hour while allowing service writers more time to focus on taking care of customers.

The new G4 POS module also integrates text messaging, allowing reps to send text messages to customers directly from point of sale, order inquiry, and AR inquiry. Companies can automate the process of sending texts to customers with appointment reminders, vehicle ready notifications, and more. 

G4 Mobile POS is now available as an add-on for TireMaster Enterprise users. ASA says it is simple to install and easy to learn and use.

Once Bruneel’s reps were familiar with it, “they got it, and they found it more efficient. We already have nearly 100% adoption of the new platform.”

“With the release of G4 mobile POS, we have significantly extended the power of TireMaster Enterprise,” says Halle. “The success of this product is due to our customers and partners who continue to share their business needs and who help us define and fine tune our software with their valuable suggestions."

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