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Pro Comp Has A New All-Terrain LT Tire

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Pro Comp Has A New All-Terrain LT Tire

Pro Comp USA has introduced an all-terrain light truck tire in 25 sizes with a 60,000-mile tread wear warranty, the Pro Comp A/T Sport.

The company says the initial 25 size line-up is available on a rolling phase-in starting early January through March 2016.

Key selling points of the new A/T Sport tire are:

* sweeping groove technology;

* staggered design;

* side holder lugs;

* optimized all-terrain compound; and

* multi-pitch variation.

The company says the Pro Comp A/T Sport is supported with a very strong warranty package that includes:

* 60,000-mile tread wear warranty for all sizes;

* 60-day ride assurance warranty; and

* forever warranty that provides non-prorated adjustment for materials/workmanship defect.

Initial sizes for the new tire follow.

31x10.50R15LT   109Q   LR C LT265/75R16   123/120Q LR E LT305/65R17   121/118Q   LR E
33x12.50R15LT   108Q LR C LT285/75R16   126/123Q LR E 37x12.50R17LT  124Q   LR D
35x12.50R15LT   123Q LR C LT315/75R16   127/124Q   LR E LT305/60R18   121/118Q LR E
245/70R16   XL  111S LT305/70R16   124/121Q LR E 35x12.50R18LT   123Q LR E
265/70R16   XL 115S LT265/70R17   115Q LR E LT275/60R20  123/120Q   LR E
LT235/85R16   120/116Q LR E LT285/70R17   121/118Q   LR D LT295/60R20   123/120Q LR E
LT225/75R16   115/112Q LR E LT315/70R17   121/118Q   LR E LT305/55R20   121/118Q LR E
LT245/75R16   120/116Q LR E LT265/65R17   117/114Q   LR D 35x12.50R20LT   121Q LR E
    37x12.50R20LT   126Q   LR E

Pro Comp will be supporting the launch of the A/T Sport with:

* new advertising in print, online and social media;

* new training program with option for moderator or self-directed programs;

* new point-of-purchase materials, brochures, displays; and

* MAP (minimum advertised price) pricing for protected margins.

“With the launch of A/T Sport, Pro Comp has re-emerged with a complete light truck tire offering. We are ready to selectively expand distribution,” says Steve Hutchinson, director, Pro Comp tires.

For more information, contact: Steve Hutchinson,, (310) 900-3889, or Chloe Eady, marketing manager,, (310) 900-3841.

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