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4 Nexen Tires Win International Design Awards

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4 Nexen Tires Win International Design Awards

Four of Nexen Tire Corp.’s products have been recognized in international design competitions in Korea and the U.S.

The four tires won five awards in the two competitions.

Nexen's Roadian AT Pro RA8 has won the Korean Institute of Design Promotion Award in the Lifestyle Vehicles category. The company’s N’Fera SUR4 tire won the Korea Good Design Award.

Three Nexen tires won in the design competition’s transportation category: the Roadian AT Pro RA8, the N’Fera RU5, and the N’Fera AU5.

The Roadian AT Pro RA8 also was a winner the U.S. Good Design Awards competition. Nexen says the selection of the Roadian AT Pro RA8 as a winner in both Korea and the U.S. exemplifies the outstanding off-road performance of its products. The Roadian AT Pro RA8 will be original equipment for the new Ram 3500 by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Also winning the U.S. Good Design honors were the N’Fera SUR4, an ultra-high performance semi racing tire. The N’Fera RU5 was awarded in the U.S. as the top-class product for SUV with both excellent running and high mileage performance, according to Nexen. The N’Fera AU5, which also earned a U.S. Good Design Award, provides the gentle riding quality and silence of a sedan with mileage performance and fuel efficiency, according to Nexen.

“The recently released products of the N’Fera and Roadian series are exhibiting not only excellent performance but also tangible results in design,” says Han Min-hyun, Nexen vice president and R&D director. “We will continue to enhance our product competitiveness by further increasing R&D investments.”

The company is planning to build a new tech center in North America and launched its two newest tires in January 2016.

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