Nitronics Systems introduces nitrogen station

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Nitronics Systems Inc. in Lafayette, Colo., has introduced TireLast Nitrogen Station, a coin- or credit card-operated, self-service nitrogen gas dispenser for autos and light trucks.

"Car and light truck owners have been asking us for a self-service vending unit that will enable them to refill their tires with nitrogen easily and inexpensively," says Nitronics President Nick Verini. "Consumers will now be able to get nitrogen on the road with 24-hour access after getting their tires initially filled at tire stores across the country."

The vending system features an oil-less air compressor and integral nitrogen generator using semi-permeable membranes to produce high purity nitrogen, and an advanced microprocessor for controlling the filling of the tires. The unit can supply either compressed air or nitrogen with a touch of a button. The user will be able to pay for nitrogen with either coins or a swipe of their debit/credit card.

Verini adds, "Air diffuses through tires 30% to 40% faster than nitrogen resulting in under-inflated tires. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the U.S.A. could save two million gallons of gasoline every day if our tires were properly inflated."

An estimated 30% to 50% of all vehicles on the road are operating with under-inflated tires resulting in decreased fuel economy, says Verini. As gasoline prices increase, this issue will become all the more important for consumers.

The units will be manufactured in Colorado and will be available January 2005.

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