BFNT introduces new Dayton Daytona ZR tire line

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Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire LLC (BFNT) has introduced a new high performance Dayton Daytona ZR tire line.

The Daytona ZR features the company's UNI-T technology and a directional tread pattern for good wet and dry traction, the company says.

The tire is H- and W-speed rated, with a rim guard on 55 series and lower. Twenty sizes, from 16- to 20-inch diameter and 35 to 60 series, are featured.

The new sizes, available June 1, are listed below (* indicates sizes available in late 2004.)

60 series: 225/60R16 98 W BW, 285/60R18 116 H BW*.

55 series: 205/55R16 91 W BW, 225/55R16 95 W BW, P275/55R20 111 H BW*.

50 series: 225/50R16 92 W BW, 245/50R16 97 W BW, 215/50R17 91 W BW.

45 series: 215/45R17 87 W BW, 225/45R17 91 W BW, 235/45R17 94 W BW, 245/45R17 95 W BW, 255/45R17 98 W BW.

40 series: 205/40R17 80 W BW, 245/40R17 91 W BW, 275/40R17 98 W BW, 225/40R18 88 W BW, 245/40R18 93 W BW.

35 series: 215/35R18 XL 84 W BW*, 255/35R20 93 W BW.

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