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Double Coin doubles up

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Double Coin doubles up

Double Coin Holdings Ltd. and the China Manufacturers Alliance LLC (CMA) introduced their FT125 Super Wide low rolling resistant trailer position tire at the 2011 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Nev.

The FT125 will be the fourth Double Coin addition to the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Verified Technology list. Aaron Murphy, vice president of CMA, says the wide-base tire meets the SmartWay threshold, and has been submitted to the government for certification.

“It’s what fleets and OEMs in North America have been asking for,” he adds.

Another Double Coin wide-base tire is on the way. In early 2012, the FD425 Super Wide drive tire will be added to the company’s fuel-efficient, SmartWay-verified truck tire line, which includes the FR605, FD405 and the FT105.

The new FT125 is engineered with an advanced tread compound and a low profile design to maximize durability while providing optimal fuel savings. It has a tread depth of 16/32nds-inch.

The tire has a maximum carrying capacity of 10,300 pounds (Load Index 161).

The following low rolling resistance drive and trailer tires, broken out by brand, also are SmartWay verified when used on Class 8, line-haul trucks.

Arisun: Drive CM983; Trailer CR915.

BFGoodrich: Drive ST244; Trailer TR144.

Bridgestone: Drive M720, Greatec M835, Greatec, S803WZ, S803Z, S718WZ and S718YZ; Trailer Greatec R135, R195, R197 and S197.

Continental: Drive HSL1 Coach, HDL ECO Plus, HDL2 ECO Plus, HDL2 DL ECO Plus, HDR, HDR1 ECO Plus, HSR, HSR1, HSR1 ECO Plus, HSR2, HSR2 ECO Plus and HSR2 SA; Trailer HTL ECO Plus and HTL1.

Dunlop: Drive SP456 FM; Trailer SP193 FM.

Falken: Drive BI887 Ecorun; Trailer RI119 Ecorun.

Firestone: Drive FD695 PLUS; Trailer FT455 PLUS.

General: Drive D660, S371, S580 and S581; Trailer ST250.

Goodyear: Drive G305 Fuel Max AT, G305 LHD Fuel Max, G392 SSD and G572 Fuel Max; Trailer G316 LHT Fuel Max, G316 Fuel Max DuraSeal and G394SST.

GT Radial: Drive GT669+ FS; Trailer GT979 FS.

Hankook: Drive AH24, DL11 and Z35A; Trailer TL01.

Kumho: Drive KLD01e and KLD02e; Trailer KLT02e.

Michelin: Drive XDA Energy, XDA3, X-One XDA, X-One XDN2 and X-One XDA Energy; Trailer XTA Energy, XT1, X-One XTA and X-ONE XTE.

Roadmaster (Cooper): Trailer RM871.

Sailun: Drive S768 EFT (size 11R24.5).

Sumitomo: Drive ST938SE; Trailer ST710SE.

Toyo: Drive M657; Trailer M157.

Triangle: Drive TRD01.

Westlake: Drive CM983; Trailer CR915.

Yokohama: Drive 703ZL, TY517mc2 and TY577; Trailer RY407, RY587 and RY587mc2.

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