TANA/ITRA push for new repair act

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The Tire Association of North America (TANA) and the International Tire & Rubber Association (ITRA) are working for the passage of an act that would ensure a car owner's ability to choose where his or her vehicle will be repaired.

The Right to Repair Act also would allow independent repair facilities to access warranty parts and do warranty work.

TANA/ITRA also support recently introduced Superfund legislation that would exempt tire dealers, retreaders, service station owners and repair garages from used oil liability.

"The issue has been a priority for ITRA/TANA for years, and recent decisions by the Environmental Protection Agency to ignore this problem have once again demonstrated the need for legislation," says Roy Littlefield, ITRA director of government affairs.

Last December, TANA/ITRA spearheaded a successful lobbying effort to pass Superfund legislation that exempts tire dealerships, retreaders, service stations and repair facilities from retroactive liabilities related to landfills.

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