Michelin makes noise at ConExpo

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The Michelin Earthmover Group was busy with introductions at the recent 2005 ConExpo-Con/Agg show in Las Vegas, Nev. The highlight was a new radial OTR tire, the X-Super Terrain AD.

X-Super Terrain AD

The newest addition to the Michelin earthmover family, the X-Super Terrain AD was built for articulated dump trucks, scrapers and loaders. It is designed to deliver the following:

* long life through its deep tread and durable rubber compound;

* maximized protection due to its rugged shoulder and sidewall design;

* excellent traction through its aggressive and self-cleaning tread design.

The E4 radial also helps reduce vibrations, according to the company. It is available in size 23.5R25.

"Customers like the tire because of its long life, ruggedness and durability. It's an E4 tire that can handle what you throw at it and is very dependable," says Tomas Bennett, market segment manager for Michelin North America Inc.

Michelin X-Haul radial

Michelin also introduced a new size in its X-Haul radial tire line: 24.00R35. Like the smaller 18.00R33, the larger X-Haul tire is designed to maximize protection in severe conditions and allow for improved speed capability for haul trucks.

The E4 X-Haul tires are manufactured with square shoulders and reinforced sidewalls for exceptional protection in severe operating conditions. The open tread design and advanced rubber compound help provide cool running, allowing for improved speed compared to the Michelin XDT A4 without compromising durability and tire life.

"The X-HAUL can travel at higher speeds (than the XDT A4) even in harsh conditions, allowing more loads to be delivered in less time,"

says Bennett. "This helps bring cost savings and improved productivity to the work site."

'Total Cost of Ownership'

Michelin's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model, produced by the Michelin Earthmover Group, also was unveiled at the show. It is designed to provide tire purchasers and end-users with a clear picture of the true costs of owning a tire, including repair, downtime, wear and initial price.

The TCO tool graphically illustrates the cost savings and return on investment that Michelin radial tires can help bring to construction and aggregate businesses.

"For decades, we have been communicating that Michelin Earthmover products offer the best overall value on the market,” says Bennett. "Our initial price point can be higher than other brands; however, the cost of ownership over the life of a tire between a Michelin tire and other brands can be substantial.

"Now we have a tool that can prove to our customers that they are getting what they pay for, and that the higher up-front price point is well worth the cost and investment."

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