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WECnology reaches dealers via Twitter

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WECnology LLC is reaching out to tire dealers via Twitter to help them better understand today’s technology.

Tire dealers who visit the company’s Twitter page at will be able to interact with the WECnology staff and also find links to articles from WECnology’s newsletters, partner and third-party Web sites, and online industry publications.

The posts provide technology-related tips and tools plus advice and news affecting the tire industry.

Many of WECnology’s tweets are specific to technology advancements that can save a tire dealer money, such as a link to an article about the benefits and cost-savings derived from cloud computing, the company notes. The article describes how tire dealers can reduce the expense of data storage and software investments by adopting the new technology.   

Other post examples address the interests of tire dealers who are looking to make their retail businesses more female-friendly.

“WECnology is dedicated to addressing the technology-related concerns of tire dealers, which is why we have established a presence on Twitter,” says Erik Croswell, director of sales and marketing. “While our staff does an excellent job responding to individual inquiries from the increasing visitors that our Web site receives each month, answering questions publicly on Twitter will allow us to reach a wider audience. Some tire dealers may even learn business-building technology details they didn’t realize that they needed to know.

“Since WECnology does not actually sell the products and services we recommend, we are able to present unbiased information,” continues Croswell. “We only endorse and recommend best-of-breed companies that have proven to benefit today’s tire dealers when it comes to technology. Our primary concern is providing tire dealers with the most up-to-date technology information available.”

For more information, see the company’s Web site at


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