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Three new lines: two GT Radials, one Runway

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Three new lines: two GT Radials, one Runway

GITI Tire (U.S.A.) Ltd. has big plans for the aftermarket in 2011, in the way of three new tire lines.

The tires will be rolled out on the heels of the GT Radial Champiro HPY introduction, held in Phoenix, Ariz., earlier this year (see "Why GITI's Champiro HPY? Why, it's Y rated").

The three new lines will be available soon, according to the company.

1. GT Radial Savero HT2. The all-season highway light truck and SUV tire balances handling and ride comfort characteristics with dry and wet handling. It features a tread block design developed with "noise cancelling technology."

The tire was engineered using optimized carcass tension technology. It will be available in 34 sizes ranging from P235/75R15 to P275/60R20; nine are LT sizes.

2. Runway Enduro HT2. Designed with "supurb handling and smooth, quiet performance" in mind, the Enduro HT2 also was engineered with optimized carcass tension technology and advanced noise canceling technology.

It will be available in the same 34 sizes as the Savero HT2.

3. GT Radial Champiro VP1. The tread pattern features four deep, wide circumferential grooves and stable shoulder blocks with lateral grooves. It also has a continuous circumferential center rib.

The VP1's tread pattern and an advanced tread compound reduce tread block movement and ensure quick steering response and cornering grip, says GITI. It will be available in 22 H-, T- and V-rated sizes ranging from 175/65R14 to P235/60R18.

For more information on GITI and its products, which are manufactured in China, visit

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