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SUV tire market remains healthy, says Cooper

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In addition to two new passenger tires for its Zeon line, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. unveiled two tires for light truck/SUV applications during last week's Global Tire Expo/Specialty Equipment Market Association Show.

One of those tires, the Discoverer A/T 3, specifically targets SUVs. When available next year, it will come in 30 SUV sizes and 32 LT sizes.

The SUV tire market, while having changed somewhat, remains healthy, Steve Sawyer, director, brand/product management, North American Tire, Cooper, told during the show, which closed on Nov. 5.

"I think the SUV market has changed its face in terms of actual applications and some sizes and fitments." he said. "With the expansion of the power line concept, we're seeing certain SUV sizes come to fruition in T-rated, touring product lines."

Sawyer also discussed the state of the touring tire segment.

"The biggest demand in that segment has been driven by the economy. We've had to focus on the lifecycle of our products - not necessarily the lifecycle of a product range in general, but a size. It's making sure you have the right assortment of sizes."

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