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TIA: You say you want a resolution (or two)

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TIA: You say you want a resolution (or two)

At the annual Tire Industry Association (TIA) Membership Meeting, held Nov. 1 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev., two resolutions were passed. With minor changes, we present them as they were written.

Resolution 1, concerning speed-rated tire repair

Whereas, the growth in speed-rated, high performance tire shipments has continued despite the reduction in replacement passenger tire shipments; and

Whereas, passenger tire retailers are expected to maintain the required speed rating for a vehicle that requires speed-rated tires; and

Whereas, all of the tire manufacturers have different guidelines regarding the repairability of speed-rated tires; and

Whereas, TIA would willingly accept the responsibility for maintaining and updating a list that briefly outlines the speed-rated tire repair guidelines and limitations;

Now therefore let it be resolved by the Tire Industry Association meeting on this first day of November, 2010, in general assembly, that the association will request a formal statement from each of the tire manufacturers that outlines their position on speed-rated tire repair.

Resolution 2, concerning "run-flat' tires

Whereas, each tire manufacturer has a different name for their own "run-flat" tire; and

Whereas, for some low-profile sizes, technicians can fail to identify a tire as a "run-flat"; and

Whereas, there are questions as to the repairability of "run-flats" depending on the manufacturer; and

Whereas, an incorrectly identified tire can be damaged in the process of simply demounting or mounting it, unnecessarily exposing the dealer to liability; and

Whereas, this issue is further complicated by the fact that many manufacturers also make a regular version of their "run-flat" tire; and

Whereas, a manufacturer-based consensus on a single identifying name for "run-flats" along with a designated universal symbol, would alleviate these problems,

Now therefore let it be resolved by the Tire Industry Association meeting... that the association will make a formal request to the Rubber Manufacturers Association to give full attention to our concerns about this issue and inform us in 180 days as to any considerations given to this matter.

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