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Alligator enters TPMS sensor market with

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Alligator enters TPMS sensor market with

Alligator Ventilfabrik GmbH has a new tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) available in the United States:

The TPMS sensor "provides a complete solution for the replacement of OE TPMS sensors for both small and large tire shop chains," according to Alligator. "Significant cost savings are realized both in the form of inventory reduction and time savings during the vehicle service cycle."

The TPMS is designed to cover the most common platforms at Chrysler LLC, Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp., Honda Motor Co. Inc., Nissan Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Co. The company says will cover more than 90% of all foreign and domestic brands by the end of the first quarter of 2011.

One TPMS sensor solution is used to satisfy all mechanical installations for metal clamp-In and rubber snap-In valve options.

Clamp-In valve with ball-joint attachment

This sensor is based on Alligator’s patented "Clamp-In" valve. The angle can be adjusted from 12 to 40 inches, fits most aluminum and steel rims. The Clamp-In valve is produced using high quality aluminum and protected against corrosion by an anodized coating or chrome finish.

The Clamp-In comes in a range of lengths and chrome or black finishes.

Snap-in valve with Clip-Pin technology

The snap-In version of the sensor includes Alligator's patented Clip-Pin functionality. The Clip-Pin provides easy and quick assembly and removal of the valve, and does not require the use of a small screw to secure the sensor to the valve. The TPMS snap-In valve is assembled to and disassembled from the rim in the same way as a standard snap-in valve.

Using only the vehicle VIN and the original equipment sensor ID, a replacement for the OE TPMS sensor is created using the Alligator Web-based application in about 60 seconds. Since the replacement part uses the original sensor ID, there is no need to reprogram or relearn the sensor to the vehicle -- if the part is used in the same location as the OE part.

There are no initial charges for the purchase of the software or for ongoing maintenance and updates, and all user support is provided free of charge, adds the company.

Alligator sells through Myers Tire Supply, a division of Myers Industries Inc., and Haltec Corp.  For more information, visit

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