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At it again: Morry Taylor takes on the Democrats

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Morry Taylor, chairman and CEO of Titan International Inc., wants America to "Wake Up." Again.

In his full-page ad in the Oct. 19, 2010, edition of "USA Today," Taylor takes exception to Democratic leadership. He proceeds to outline the problems as he sees them, and offers solutions, such as:

* freezing all pension plans for civilian employees and put in a 401K plan where government puts in a maximum 6% of an employee's salary. The plan would be controlled by the employee.

* dropping sick pay.

* trimming the Department of Agriculture. "Every county in the United States has a Department of Agriculture office," he writes. "Let's close up 80% of them."

* getting rid of the food stamp program -- "go back to the old program where people received food directly, just the basics."

He also has ideas on how to create jobs. "It is the private companies that create jobs," he says.

1. Lower corporate income tax to 25%.

2. Force public companies to pay 50% of pretax profits in dividends. The amount would be deductible to the company.

3. Tax dividends at 25% and capital gains at 20%.

4. Make all right to work laws national, and cap all union dues at a maximum of $20 per month ($10 a month for public employees).

5. Set all depreciation at 20% per year.

"Democrats were in charge the last two years of President Bush's term," he writes. "So folks, they've been running the government for 'four years.' And Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats want two more. Wake up!"

In the current ad, Taylor reprints the political ad he ran prior to the elections in 2008. In it, he asked readers in the U.S. to "wake up" and vote against the Democrats.

"These people have run Congress for two years and they blew it," he wrote in 2008.

"Well, America, what do you think now?" he asks in the current ad. "Was I right?"

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