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SPEK+ dealer program wants 200 members

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SPEK+ dealer program wants 200 members

La Cie Canada Tire Inc. is looking for independent tire dealers to join its year-old SPEK+ associate dealer program.

The Montreal, Quebec-based wholesale distributor has set a lofty goal: it wants at least 160 members within the next three years.

Forty dealers currently belong to the SPEK+ program, says Denis Monette, Canada Tire’s director of sales and marketing.

Monette, a veteran of the Canadian retail tire market, calls SPEK+ “a full-fledged retail assistance program.” It offers access to more than 20 tire brands, plus regular deliveries, “pre-negotiated” shop insurance rates, and other programs and amenities.

“And the last part, which nobody does anymore, is extensive training that goes from basic technical training to coaching owners and managers, and working with them to make sure they have the latest technical information.”

Canada Tire trainers travel to members’ locations, where they hold education sessions. “We want to make sure they have all the tools and we also want to see how they work so we can adapt our training program to fit their needs and personalities.”

The wholesaler has seven distribution centers throughout Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, including cities like Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax.

Earlier this year, it installed a new distribution center in Quebec City and moved into a new warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario, a western Toronto suburb. The company plans to set up another distribution center on the eastern edge of Toronto.

Monette says that in contrast to some other associate dealer programs, SPEK+ does not impose minimum purchase requirements on its members.

For the full story, see the October 2010 edition of Modern Tire Dealer, available soon!

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