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OSHA got you down? Read this blog!

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Your day is going well. You are selling tires, customers are having their vehicles repaired, and, for the sake of this story, it's a bright, sunny day.

And then an OSHA inspector shows up at your door and sucks the optimism right out of you.

A recent Webinar by KPA LLC discussed just such an occurance. "OSHA's Top 10 Most Cited Violations by Dealers" offered up more than just the most popular violations. Host Eric Schmitz, a registered environmental assessor with KPA, also proposed suggestions on how to prevent violations, and how to deal with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) inspectors.

To check out a summary of the Webinar, click on "Prevent OSHA violations and keep money in your pocket," the latest blog from Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich.

Do any of the violations sound familiar? If you want to share some of your experiences with OSHA, or just want to comment on OSHA in particular or the blog in general, fill "Post a Comment" box following the article.

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