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Readyspare offers spare tire air pressure monitor

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Readyspare offers spare tire air pressure monitor

Readyspare Inc. has introduced a tire pressure monitor for spare tires. It is available in 34 and 60 psi for standard- and space-saver-size tires, respectively.

The user simply threads the female end of the Readyspare unit to the valve stem of the spare tire, routes the Readyspare into the trunk of the vehicle, and attaches the pressure indicating end of the Readyspare to the sidewall of the trunk with the hook and loop strap.

When the spare tire loses 5 psi, a yellow warning ring shows. Both yellow and red rings show after another 5 psi drop in pressure. At that point, the user removes the pressure indicating cap, fills the spare tire to the pressure shown on the end of the cap, checks the pressure with a tire pressure gauge, reinstalls the pressure indicating cap, and repositions the Readyspare in the trunk.

A Readyspare dealer pack consists of 20 individually packaged units and can be a mix of 34 psi and 60 psi units. Readyspare can be an add-on sale for new tires, blended with a nitrogen fill program, or a stand-alone sale, says the company.

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