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Right to Repair boosters will keep fighting

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The Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition will continue fighting for passage of the state's proposed Right to Repair legislation.

Formal sessions for the Massachusetts legislature ended July 31 with the state's House of Representatives taking no action on the bill. (The legislation passed unanimously in the Massachusetts Senate; for more information, click on "Time runs out for state Right to Repair Act.")

"The Right to Repair issue has become the most talked about consumer protection bill on Beacon Hill, and its momentum here made an impact nationwide," says Art Kinsman, spokesman for the Right to Repair Coalition.

"Lawmakers and consumers now understand that RIght to Repair legislation is needed now to level the playing field for the car repair industry and save money for the consumer. This is a piece of unfinished business that has a major impact on every person who owns a car."

Kinsman adds that the Coalition believes it has the votes "to win overwhelmingly" in the next legislative session.

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