Bridgestone introduces 59/80R63 mining tire!

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Bridgestone Corp. will begin marketing a 13-foot, size 59/80R63 mining tire next spring. The V-Steel E-Lug S radial is designed for dump trucks that carry loads of 380 to 400 short tons.

The 59/80R63 V-Steel E-Lug S is the world's largest tire size. It stands 158.5 inches tall, which is 4.4 inches taller than Bridgestone's former record holder, the 55/80R63 V-Steel R-Lug S tire.

It measures 57.9 inches across -- 3.6 inches wider than the V-Steel R-Lug S -- and has a nominal load rating of 101 metric tons. The new tire weighs 5.1 metric tons.

The V-Steel E-Lug S features a new belt package and a new bead structure to help carry the world's heaviest loads. The new belt package also is designed to reduce tire damage from cuts, and the newly developed tread compound greatly improves tire wear, according to the company.

Bridgestone says the trend toward larger equipment to lower operating costs will continue. "Dump trucks of 380 to 400 short ton payload are expected to emerge in the next generation of ultra-large earthmoving equipment."

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