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Software makes fixing European cars a 'Snap'

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Snap-on Inc. has introduced new software that provides comprehensive coverage for European vehicles such as Volkswagens and Audis. It also addresses questions about BMW, Mini-Cooper and Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

“Snap-on’s European software puts more coverage in your hands to increase repair opportunities, including driveability, diesel, alignment, ABS, transmission and more,” says Bill Bruno, vice president of sales and marketing for the Snap-on Diagnostics subsidiary.

The European software not only includes new coverage back to 1997, but also 2009 model year updates. It also offers all the enhancements from previous upgrades. Here are some of the highlights.

Make: Volkswagen/Audi

* VW Passat & Audi vehicles equipped with the parking brake module: Snap-on provides the functionality for the rear brake pad replacement procedure, which opens the rear brake calipers for brake service and then closes the rear calipers after repairs.

* Audi "start authorization" coverage supplies inputs to the power train control module (PCM) to initiate authorization. Without the inputs, the vehicle will not start.

Make: BMW/Mini

* BMW transmission adaptations perform resets and eliminate the need for drive cycles to relearn control modules without the factory tool.

* BMW/Mini ABS offers live ABS data, reducing the need to send repairs out.

Make: Mercedes-Benz

* Mercedes-Benz Sensotronic brake coverage reduces complexity and helps to prevent injury. There is a serious risk of injury if Mercedes-Benz Sensotronic brakes are serviced without complying with the service procedure instructions.

* Mercedes-Benz engine and instrument panel coverage helps shops reduce diagnostics time with new abilities to command engine components and instrument panel cluster components. It gives them the ability to diagnose components and actuators, fuel gauges, speedometer complaints and more.

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