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More on city's free nitrogren program

Order Reprints has obtained more information about the free nitrogen inflation program currently offered by the city of St. Peters, Mo.

Earlier this week, reported that the city has been filling residents' tires with nitrogen via a specia nitrogen inflation station that was set up last month. (See City offers free nitrogen inflation, posted June 14.)

Ron Darling, manager of St. Peters' fleet maintenance division, says nearly 300 vehicles' tires have been filled with nitrogen since the program began. More than 160 vehicles are on a waiting list. (The city allows one appointment per resident, he explains.)

"Each appointment is 30 minutes long," which gives techs the flexibility to take care of vehicle owners' "special needs," such as nitrogen top-offs.

The program is limited to private vehicles -- "no commercial vehicles," says Darling. After inflation, residents have the option of receiving green valve caps to denote that their tires have been filled with nitrogen. "Nine out of 10 residents want the caps to symbolize that they have 'gone green.'

"We've received a lot of feedback from residents and it has all been favorable."

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