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Titan unveils ACT wheel for mining trucks

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Titan Wheel Corp., a subsidiary of Titan International Inc., has introduced a new wheel that allows service techs to change or rotate the rear tires on a mine truck more quickly.

The wheel, called Accelerated Change Technology, or ACT, is designed for use on the outside rear wheel position. Once it's installed, "there's no need to remove nuts or clamps to rotate the tires off and on the haul truck," say Titan officials. "A service technician simply slides the tire and the component wheel parts across the outside wheel. In layman's terms, the technology allows you to rotate or change the inside tire, without having to take the outside rim off the unit."

ACT contains two-piece lock rings that can release the tire assembly from the wheel. It prevents expulsion of the flange and helps control tire slippage. "The back and bead incorporate a full, 360-degree pry pocket which aids service personnel in demounting the tire from the wheel. A 'Sur Loc' rim component inside the bead prevents tire inflation if the lock ring is misassembled."

Titan also claims that the wheel reduces the use of heavy impact wrenches "that were required in the past to torque and re-torque 50 to 60 wheel nuts when removing a tire and wheel assembly. ACT wheels are compatible with every size and brand of mining tires on the market, and are available for every haul truck make and model."

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