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WECnology adds first group of solution providers

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WECnology adds first group of solution providers

WECnology LLC has joined forces with three technology vendors in its effort to provide "trusted technology solutions to the tire industry." The preferred technology providers, which WECnology CEO and President Wayne Croswell calls “WECnologists,” are AdvantageID LLC, wiSource Solutions and CenPOS.

(For more information on WECnology, click on "Croswell creates WECnology for tire dealers").

“I am extremely excited about adding these three companies to my list of WECnologists," says Croswell. "They all exemplify 'best of breed' solutions in their areas of expertise."

AdvantageID is a company that has perfected the production and delivery of consumables in the commercial tire and retreading market. Its products include finished goods labeling, bar coding, business forms and handheld technologies.

Founder Tim Loden, formerly with Open Road Technologies, a company he helped start, says he has worked with Wayne Croswell for more than 15 years "in implementing retread solutions and handheld applications in the tire industry."

wiSource Solutions, a Florida-based company, has been granted “WECnologist” status for its nationwide offerings in the telecom and data universe. The company provides specialized access to “Tier 1” voice and data carriers, and has negotiated enhanced terms and programs for its clients.

“The telecommunications world is a very complex one; there are a lot of savings to be realized by tire dealers, if they just had access to the unique programs offered by carriers and a method of comparing them,” says President Leonardo Cordero. To that end, wiSource has created a unique nationwide platform that brings together specialists and solutions from some of the most recognized carriers in the telecom industry.

CenPOS offers a unique, patent-pending technology solution that improves the process of credit and debit card transactions without having to change a tire dealer’s existing processing bank relationship. Its software and hardware solution interacts with both employee and customers at the point of sale, and manages the decision making process to assure that credit card and debit card transactions qualify for the best interchange when they are presented to the processing bank.

This process benefits the merchant’s bottom line in three ways: 1) It helps reduce the risk of chargebacks and fraud to the merchant, 2) it lowers the cost of accepting credit cards, and 3) It creates operating efficiencies at the merchant level that directly translate into additional savings to the merchant. It also takes the guesswork out of the hands of the clerk at the point-of-sale.

“Operational efficiency is what occurs when the right combination of people, process, and technology come together to enhance the productivity and value of a business, while driving down the cost of routine operations to a desired level”, says CEO Jorge Fernandez.

To learn more about these WECnologists and Amherst, N.H.-based WECnology LLC, visit

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