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Nitto uses Microsoft 'tag' technology in ads

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Nitto Tire U.S.A. Inc. is rolling out a  new advertising campaign that integrates Microsoft's tagging technology. The tags, which can be displayed on anything from printed materials to kiosk computer screens, give users access to Nitto content.

Users can accomplish this by taking a photo of the tag with their Smartphones and then viewing the content directly. Nitto launched this technology in select consumer publications and plans to expand its usage throughout the remainder of 2010.

"We were looking for ways to engage with our consumers in our print ads," says Harry Kong, Nitto marketing representative. "The ad tags allow us to give in-depth product information without being limited by a single ad page. By linking to additional Web content, we are able to engage our consumers."

In addition to providing media-rich content, Microsoft's tagging software includes daily metrics showing the number of scans each tag received.

Nitto's Stephen Leu says the company is seeing "a much higher activation rate on our tags compared to past campaigns. We think this will only increase as the tagging technology reaches a broader market and (as) more consumers buy Smartphones and dowload the software."

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