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Titan unveils next-generation MFT mining tire

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Titan International Inc. has introduced its second-generation 007 MFT mining tire, which sports a more aggressive tread pattern and is more durable than its predecessor.

"We spent considerable time in the field listening to mine operators about their tire needs and used that input to help design the second-generation 007 MFT line," says Dan Steltmann, Titan vice president of research and development.

"The biggest issue facing mine operations was overall tire durability related to minimizing internal heat generation, as well as enhanced sidewall and belt durability. We incorporated those features into the redesigned 007 MFT line."

The second-generation MFT includes a new belt package; improved tread and base compounds; a more durable carcass; a narrow profile; a non-solid, center tread design for reduced heat generation; and other features, according to Titan officials.

Titan also incorporated sipes into the tire's lugs for additional traction and improved heat dissipation. "The lighter construction... helps reduce overall heat generation and allows for a larger payload."

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) also is available for the tire. The system uses Bluetooth technology to share tire pressure and temperature data with operators. "Mine operation personnel can monitor truck tire performance and make route changes as needed to maintain efficient operation of the mine and help balance haul truck workloads," say company officials.

Titan is offering the TPMS with any purchase of six 007 MFT tires in size 59/80R63 before Aug. 1, 2010. The tire also is offered in sizes 53/80R63, 40.00R57 and 27.00R49.


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