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Easy 3D alignment system wins award

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Easy 3D alignment system wins award

Bosch's diagnostics business unit, Beissbarth GmbH, has received the 2010 German National Award for Outstanding and Innovative Achievement in the Field of Trade from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology for their development of the (FWA 4630) Easy 3D wheel alignment system.

Beissbarth is part of the diagnostics business unit of the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket division.

Silke Spitzer, head of technology for Beissbarth, accepted the award from the Parliamentary State Secretary for Federal Ministry of Economics and Federal Commissioner for Small Business and Tourism, Ernst Burgbacher, during the International Trade Fair in Munich.

The award recognizes Beissbarth's design and engineering achievements in developing the Easy 3D wheel alignment system, which was added to its wheel service equipment portfolio in 2009.

The system utilizes portable camera pods that attach to the side of an alignment rack, eliminating bulky front bay camera booms, the company says. Easy 3D enables automotive technicians to achieve precise wheel alignment in less than seven minutes.

The Easy 3D system is based on Stereoscopic Triangulation, a new method for determining wheel alignment measurements developed by Bosch's Beissbarth unit. It eliminates the need for calibration during installation and also provides precise measurements that can be repeated, even if the camera pods are moved during the alignment process.

Easy 3D contains two portable camera pods that are mounted on an alignment rack with "electronics-free" measurement boards attached to each wheel, operating at high speeds to enable a 27Hz update rate, or 27 updates per second.

Easy 3D dedicates two cameras to each measurement board for stereoscopic vision of each wheel and an additional two cameras focused under the vehicle, allowing the system to triangulate the position of the wheels in relation to the camera pods. The wheel alignment system provides precise measurements that can be repeated even if the camera pods are repositioned in the middle of the alignment process.

Easy 3D is a versatile, compact and lightweight (20 pounds) system, says the company, and can easily be moved around the shop from one bay to another. Easy 3D's architecture provides the flexibility to work with many different racks. Additionally, the Bosch wheel alignment system can even be used directly on the shop floor for quick alignment audits and alignment service merchandising.

"Easy 3D paves the way for many more work bays to fit wheel alignment equipment and less time required for service technicians to perform wheel alignments,” says David Scribner, wheel service group product manager.

According to Scribner, “Bosch's intuitive alignment system software reduces the need for specialized knowledge in wheel alignment, while offering novice and expert technicians the freedom to navigate as desired through the process.”

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