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AutoFocus teaser: Scanner passes on Passat

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Your customer brings in his Volkswagen Passat because the ABS warning light is on. Your technician uses the proper scan tool to help diagnose the problem -- and it won't communicate with any vehicle system.

What do you do? In our next "Auto Service News & Best Practices" e-newsletter (April 21), Modern Tire Dealer and Identifix Inc. will look at why Passats or Audi A4s equipped with ABS/EDL may not want to "talk" with the scanner when the ABS malfunctions.

The story, "No Scan Tool Communication," will walk your techs through the process of getting the vehicle to cooperate with the scan tool.

Identifix supplies an in-depth "AutoFocus" story to the e-newsletter the fourth week of every month. Past articles include "Ford's intermittent dead battery problem," "Making sense of wheel speed sensors" and "Navigating around low-riding Navigators."

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