Consumer Tires Retail Suppliers Wholesale Distribution enhances Web experience

Order Reprints has added a new feature to its site to allow for easier access to three consumer tire research pages -- surveys, reviews and tests -- eliminating the chance for confusion, the company says.

Now customers can navigate through’s unbiased tire performance comparisons and more than 150,000 consumer surveys and results in one place under the Tire Research tab.  Previously, all three research sections were separate.

 “Constantly evolving to provide an easier and more educational tire buying experience for consumers is a key focus at,” says Matt Edmonds, vice president. "The new online enhancement is putting the most sought-after tire research information at consumers’ fingertips.”

The Tire Rack notes its team of 90-plus test drivers tests tires from every major tire manufacturer on the company’s state-of-the-art, 10-acre testing facility.  The findings are then posted free of charge on the Tire Research tab on Customers can see how their tire considerations fare both under controlled conditions and in the real world, the company says.

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