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Pirelli Cinturato line wins performance awards

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Pirelli Tire North America reports the Pirelli Cinturato line of tires dominated annual tests run by ADAC, the German automobile club, together with Switzerland’s Touring Club (TCS) and the Austrian automobile club (OEAMTC).

The tests, run on a total of 36 tires by different manufacturers, named the Cinturato P7 and P6 best summer tires in their categories for the balance they offer between ecological aspects and performance, in terms of safety and driving pleasure, the company says.

The Cinturato P7, which Pirelli calls the first eco-friendly tire developed for mid- to high-range cars, had the best overall rating among 17 different tire models considered in the tests.

The new “green” tire by Pirelli distinguished itself in all the areas tested (dry, wet, comfort and noise, fuel consumption, wear and handling), particularly for overall performance, braking on wet surfaces, low fuel consumption and low noise level. Cinturato P7 was “highly recommended” by ADAC, which said it was a “very well-balanced summer tire; good on wet and dry; low fuel consumption; the tire with the lowest noise level.”

The Cinturato P6 was also high in the ADAC rankings. Out of 19 tires considered, it proved the best in its category with high marks in all tests. According to the German technicians, the Pirelli tire was “highly recommended,” especially for its performance on wet surfaces, in particular while braking, and for low wear.

The Cinturato line also starred in independent tests run by German automotive media. The Cinturato P7 was “highly recommended” in tests run by the magazine Auto Zeitung, where Pirelli’s green tire showed excellence in rolling resistance and low fuel consumption, ensuring at the same time “good braking on wet surfaces, and sport driving performance.”

The Cinturato P7 was also named “good” and recommended by VW/Audi magazine Gute Fahrt, which tested 10 different tires.

For Gute Fahrt, the Cinturato P7 ws said to present a balance between good rolling resistance and good grip and handling as well as optimum safety features such as good braking on wet surfaces and low noise. The P7, predecessor of the Cinturato P7, had already won the German magazine’s tests three times in recent years, the company notes.

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