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Tire dealer associations: Why they really matter

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How valuable can a tire dealer association be to your dealership? If the Mid-America Tire Dealers Association (MATDA) is any indication, plenty.

The program at the 19th annual MATDA Convention and Trade Show in Catoosa, Okla., covered a wide range of topics designed to help tire dealers run their businesses more profitably. There were seminars on OSHA regulations, sales techniques and cash flow analysis, to name a few.

You want training? The Tire Industry Association's ATS training certification -- both written and hands-on -- was sponsored by Becker Tire & Treading Inc.

The MATDA is one example of what state, regional and national dealer associations can provide to its members. To find out more in general -- and what went on in Catoosa, specifically -- click on the following link to the latest blog from Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich: "MATDA is proactive for the sake of its dealers."

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