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AirSept offers compressor filter plates

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AirSept offers compressor filter plates

New Compressor Guard Suction Filter Plates from AirSept Inc. prevent leftover debris from entering the new compressor and causing performance problems and comebacks.

The debris that scroll compressors create when they fail stays in the suction line and is a major reason compressors come back even when you install a quality brand. Even flushing cannot guarantee 100% removal of these "metallic Trojan horses," the company says.

When a compressor fails, debris particles flow in both directions. Although most debris travels down the high side, some flows upstream towards the suction muffler, hose, accumulator or receiver/drier and evaporator.

OE-approved Compressor Guard suction filter plates sit at the suction port and trap any large debris heading toward the replacement compressor. Suction filter plates install in under five minutes with no line cutting.

The tapered filter forces debris away from it’s top, and down around the sides. The center of the suction line stays open to maintain refrigerant and lubricant flow.

Compressor Guard Suction Filter Plates are application-specific for simplified installation. One plate fits one specific compressor line, so the technician can easily select the correct plate for the repair.

New Compressor Guard Suction Filter Plates are available for the Ford Scroll compressor, Honda TRS090 & HS-110, Denso 10PA15, 10PA17, & 10PA20, Sanden SD7V16, Sanden TM15, Ford FS10 & FX15 and other high-volume compressors.

For more information on AirSept, visit the company's Web site at or call (800) -999-1051.

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