Exhaust service: $376 million in sales for dealers

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The latest automotive service survey from Modern Tire Dealer sheds some light on what goes on in the service bays of your peers. This week, we look at exhaust system work, which represents 2.2% of all automotive service dollars.

In all, more than $375 million was spent on exhaust service in tire dealerships last year, according to the 2009-2010 Modern Tire Dealer Automotive Service Survey.

Fourty-four percent of the respondents performed this service, broken out per location as follows:

Average ticket price per job: $245.37
Average number of jobs per month: 10
Average yearly sales: $29,444
Average profit margin: 54%
Annual profit per location: $15,899.76

The MTD Automotive Service Survey breaks down the various service segments so that you have a benchmark to which you can compare your own dealership's performance.

It covers everything from air conditioning service to shock and strut work. Previously, we addressed engine diagnostics.

For more survey information, check out January's Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue.

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