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IMI introduces EcoSeal truck tire sealant

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International Marketing Inc. (IMI) has introduced a new, environmentally friendly tire sealant designed for use on severe-service vehicles like construction and waste haul trucks.

The product, EcoSeal, seals injuries in the tire's crown area up to 1/4-inch in diameter for the life of the tire tread.

"It's specifically formulated to be heat-resistant so it doesn't become acidic or corrode rims," says IMI spokesman Brian Hodge.

In heat resistance testing, IMI has demonstrated that EcoSeal remains safe for wheel finishes even after thousands of hours of exposure to extremely high temperatures. "Extensive field testing validated these results," say IMI officials.

IMI also is touting EcoSeal's eco-friendly composition. EcoSeal contains no glycol or VOCs and uses recycled rubber with 100% biodegradable ingredients. "It can be let out of the tire and washed down the drain," notes Hodge.

The product also is compatible with retreading processes and has a flash point of more than 700 degrees Fahrenheit. It's available in containers of up to 275 gallons.

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