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Chinese tire tariffs could be eliminated

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Chinese tire tariffs could be eliminated

Will the United States government continue to levy a 35% tariff on Chinese consumer tire imports until Sept. 26, 2010? Probably, but it is possible that the tariff will be amended or eliminated.

Detractors of the tariff are hoping that either of these two scenarios pans out:

1. President Barack Obama revisits his decision to impose the year-long tariff, which will drop to 30% in year two and 25% in year three (those percentages are in addition to the previously existing 4% tariff).

2. The World Trade Organization will reverse the president's decision.

Editor Bob Ulrich updates Modern Tire Dealer readers on the tariff situation in his latest blog. "A lot has happened since it went into effect," he says.

Click on "The latest on Chinese tire tariffs: Might they be eliminated?" to find out what has happened and could happen concerning Chinese tire tariffs. And if you are so inclined or opinionated about the B.O.B. blog, leave a comment!

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