Pirelli named official tire of Hooked on Driving

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Leading national performance driving group Hooked On Driving (HOD), has chosen Pirelli Tire North America as the recommended tire brand for its track-based, non-competitive and personalized performance driving program. The program organizes driving events at legendary road courses across the US, and offers drivers one-on-one in-car instruction that gives enthusiasts the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of road course driving while exploring the performance potential of their own vehicles.  

“The Pirelli slogan, “Power is Nothing Without Control” says it all for us,” said David Ray, Founder of Hooked on Driving.  “Our unique program allows our customers to drive performance cars in a spirited fashion on road courses all over the U.S.  What makes us unique is our drivers aren’t racing – they are honing their skills as more refined drivers, and pushing their cars harder than would be prudent on the public highways.  Pirelli tires are spectacular for these applications.”

“We are especially excited to participate in the rollout of the P Zero Trofeo line of track-ready R compound tires,” he continued.  “The Trofeo will serve as the tire to graduate to as our customers move from beginner, to intermediate, and then on to advanced level drivers.” 

In California, HOD is also partnering with Big O Tire, who will bring their motorsports experts to the events to support driver’s needs. Big O Tire will be a key resource in providing the services needed to guide customers in proper tire selection, expert installation and guidance on things like tire pressures, alignment and other key performance factors. 

“We look forward to a long-term partnership with Hooked on Driving,” said Rafael Navarro, III, Motorsport and Media Relations Director for Pirelli Tire North America.  “HOD provides state-of-the-art driving programs, and Pirelli manufactures ultra-high-performance tires well suited to track days, grassroots motorsports racing and professional racing too.  Pirelli Motorsport’s century-long performance heritage on the racetrack and our commitment to quality, safety and performance are a perfect fit for HOD.” 

For more information about Hooked on Driving and its performance driving program, go to: or visit Pirelli at

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