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TCS to help dealers leverage social media

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Software provider Tire Company Solutions (TCS) is offering several services that will help independent tire dealers leverage social media to their advantage.

"2009 was a year of phenomenal expansion for social media and the business benefits of reaching audiences of such magnitude are at the forefront of TCS' new, comprehensive strategies," say TCS officials.

"Current estimates number social media participants worldwide at over one billion, with Facebook passing the 350 million user mark early this past December."

TCS is working with Nashville, Tenn.-based social media marketing firm JTMarCom to offer:

* a free, 30-minute consultation session to educate customers on how to generate revenue and build trust via social media.

* DIY whitepapers, educational tools and tips for tire and auto service professionals.

* a 30-day, free evaluation of dealers' social media efforts. "Experts will analyze what they're doing right, where they could improve and give suggestions on how they can keep moving forward in their social media strategies."

* multi-tier strategic plans based on specific goals and desired results.

"We feel very strongly that companies in the tire and automotive service industries need to embrace and leverage the growing influence of social media now," says TCS President Barry Reese. "They cannot afford to wait."

Reese explains that social media, if used correctly, can help independent tire dealers "level the playing field" with large tire retailers. "Independent tire dealers cannot outspend their national rivals in advertising, but they can use social media to establish meaningful, lasting relationships with local customers and enhance their brand in their market area.

"Best of all, social media applications are free to businesses and consumers. But it takes time and the proper expertise to use them correctly and maximize their potential.

"TCS' goal is to assist our customers, clients and even visitors with understanding this nascent technology and how to utilize it in the tire and automotive service industry."

The central hub of TCS' social media program can be found at From that location, users can access data and receive updated information about social media applications and other subjects.


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