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2009 was a tough year for OTR tires

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2009 was a tough year for OTR tires

OTR tire shipments in the United States fell dramatically in 2009 vs. 2008. The anti-dumping and anti-subsidiary duties imposed on OTR tire imports had something to do with it.

Replacement civilian OTR tire shipments in 2009 totaled 185,000 units, down nearly 35%. Original equipment shipments didn’t fare much better, dropping 29% to 201,000 units.

Overall OTR imports were down 28% -- about the same percentage OTR tire imports from China were down.

OTR tire pricing also was down year to year. Prices fell anywhere from 10% to 20%, depending on the line.

The result was a decrease in replacement sales. In 2008, OTR tire shipments represented $570 million in sales; that dropped to $326 million last year.

The demand for 63-inch giant OTR tires remained high, however. Titan International Inc. began producing 63-inch radial OTR tires at its Bryan, Ohio, facility last July. The plant has the capacity to produce more than 20 giant tires a day, according to Chairman and CEO Morry Taylor.

Goodyear says it will begin production of 63-inch radial OTR tires in the fourth quarter of 2010. The tires will be produced at its Topeka, Kan., plant in at least two sizes, 59/80R63 and 53/80R63.

Modern Tire Dealer’s January 2010 Facts Issue will look more closely at OTR tire shipments in 2009.

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