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SEMA Show pre-show: TIA passes two resolutions

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At the Tire Industry Association’s general meeting in Las Vegas on Monday, Nov. 3, 2014, membership passed two proposed resolutions without opposition that will end up influencing association policy.

1. "For" Periodic Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Programs (PMVI)

“Whereas, visibility, tires, communications, and brakes -- components that are crucial to operate a safe vehicle -- are the top inspection items in states that currently have safety inspection programs; and

“Whereas, service technicians believe that PMVI are effective in ensuring vehicle safety; and

“Whereas, industry studies conclude that PMVI programs would reduce fatalities and accidents by an average of 16%; and

“Whereas safety studies assert that more than 25% of cars operate in an unsafe manner; and

“Whereas, surveys indicate that 90% of repair facilities believe that additional business would be generated if PMVI programs were implemented;

“Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Tire Industry Association…supports a movement with other associations representing the aftermarket, to seek the passage of periodic safety inspection programs in both individual states and on the national level.”

2. "For" transportation funding

“Whereas, the Federal-aid Highway Act of 1956 provided for the expansion of the highway system and authorized Federal funding; and

“Whereas a continued program up to the present has ensured the excellence of the nation’s transportation program; and

“Whereas without Congressional action the Highway Trust Fund will run out of money in May 2015; and

“Whereas, the Congress is considering several new funding sources either increasing, reinstituting or developing new taxes; and

“Whereas the types and sizes of proposed funding increases could have a significant impact on the automotive and trucking aftermarket;

“Now, therefore be it resolved that the Tire Industry Association… supports a long-term highway bill and that the association lobby Congress to ensure that funding be fair and reasonable to the industry and small business relations.”

TIA will mail copies of the resolutions to legislators on Capital Hill.

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