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Mitchell 1 has added a low score diagnostics feature to the consumer reviews offered in its customer retention and new customer acquisition service, SocialCRM.

The company says the feature provides automotive repair shops with additional feedback when a low score is given in a consumer review so they can respond quickly to the consumer and resolve potential satisfaction issues.

“The growth of the Internet has empowered consumers with freedom of choice and the ability to share both positive and negative experiences with the world,” says Brian Warfield, senior product manager.

“The new low score diagnostics feature is a powerful approach to monitoring and responding in near real-time to consumers who have had a negative experience with their auto repair. Shop owners can identify and correct possible systemic business issues quickly to prevent irreparable harm to their business’s reputation.”

When a consumer gives a shop a negative review (three or fewer stars out of five stars), a dialog box pops up asking them to take a brief survey about the experience. The automated process notifies the shop owner, who can then use the additional detail to resolve the situation with the consumer. Shops can share the documented feedback with shop personnel to improve employee performance and operational processes.

“In an age when consumers have more information and buying options than ever, it’s critical to monitor their feedback very carefully,” says Warfield.

“After a bad experience, consumers can choose to go elsewhere, and freely share their negative experience across social networks and the Internet. That’s why we’re delighted to offer a practical way for shops to stay on top of consumer issues and protect one of their business’s most valuable assets — their reputation.”

The low diagnostic score feature is available now to SocialCRM subscribers.

For more information about the SocialCRM service, visit or call 888-724-6742 ext. 6105.

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