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DSP 20 Group members 'curse for cash'

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At a recent 20 group meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa., members of Dealer Strategic Planning Inc. (DSP) Group 100 surprised one of its members, Dean Schwartz of Lloyd’s Tire & Auto Care in Santa Cruz, Calif., with a $1,000 donation to his daughter’s fundraising project for juvenile diabetes.  

A few weeks prior to the regular meeting, Schwartz' daughter, Alannah, sent a request to family and friends to help her support juvenile diabetes research. At their meeting in Pittsburgh, the 20 group members decided to surprise Schwartz with a “curse for cash” donation during their executive discussion.

At each 20 group meeting, in order to preserve decorum and control chaos, the 20 group members impose fines on themselves for arriving late, cell phone rings and inappropriate language. For each offense, $5 is put into the group’s treasury. The funds belong to the group and they may choose to spend the loot in any way they wish.

At this meeting, the members decided to disrupt the executive discussion with a round of expletives, with each member donating $5 per offense. Schwartz was unaware of this ploy, and watched in astonishment as the dealers soundly cursed about a variety of topics.

After a brief period, it was evident that the cursing was for a good cause and in the end, they raised $1,000 (combined with their treasury fund) for Schwartz' daughter.

Alannah sent the group a letter of thanks, saying, “My parents have just gotten back and my dad told me all about the money you have donated to me, and honestly, I’m still speechless. I never expected to get as much support as I have, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you decided to donate this money to me.

"The fact that you guys thought my walk was worthy of all this money leaves me with no words. Plus, you did this is such a hilarious way it makes me appreciate it even more. I cannot tell you all thank you enough, and I know my parents can’t, either.”

DSP 20 group members meet three times a year and help each other improve their business results. As a result, they form close bonds, and the relationships go beyond business.

For more information on DSP 20 groups, contact Pat Brown at or Norm Gaither at

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