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Nokian previews a new SUV performance tire

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Nokian previews a new SUV performance tire

Just before summer officially ends, there is one more summer tire being introduced: the Nokian Line SUV.

Billed by Nokian Tyres plc as a combination SUV and summer tire, the new line was designed for drivers "who value safe driving, but also who want to enjoy the power of their SUVs on rough roads and in urban traffic alike," according to the company. It won't be available until the spring of 2015.

The Line SUV will be available in 31 sizes aimed at the growing Central European SUV market. The sizes range from 15 to 19 inches, with T, H or V speed ratings. The size complement for the tire and its "big brother," the Nokian zLine SUV, will cover nearly all of the popular SUV models that are sold in Central Europe. Run-flat sizes also will be available.

The new small and midsize SUV tire features the following:

* Nokian Aramid Sidewall technology for controlled safety and high durability. The armid fibers used is the same material utilized in the aviation and military industries.

* dynamic handling, extreme wear resistance and firm wet grip on rough roads and in urban traffic for small and midsize SUVs.

* stone ejectors in the main grooves of the tread, which prevent rocks from becoming wedged in the grooves and tread blocks and also improves durability.

* coral silica in the tread compound, which strengthens the stiffness of the tread pattern. The result is a precise steering feel for the driver.

* the Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) on the tire's center rib, which shows the consumer when the tire is nearing replacement.

* the aquaplaning indicator, which warns against an increased risk for aquaplaning (the water drop symbol disappears when less than 4 mm of groove depth remains).

* "very low" rolling resistance.

“The Nokian Line SUV moves precisely and lightly on gravel surfaces and asphalt alike, and its Nokian Aramid Sidewall technology reinforces its sidewall," says Product Development Manager Juha Pirhonen.

"The sidewall compound includes extremely durable aramid staple fiber. The aramid fiber stiffens and reinforces the sidewall, allowing it to better withstand surprising impacts and cuts that can easily break the tire and stop the car.”

The wear resistance of the "easily controllable" Nokian Line SUV has been fine-tuned by using a next-generation tread compound that also works under hot conditions and on uneven road surfaces.

The asymmetrical inside-outside tread pattern is typical of the Nokian Line product family, known for its expertise under extreme conditions. The pattern increases driving comfort and gives the tyre precise handling.

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