Joy Kopcha

Joy Kopcha

Senior Editor & Digital Projects Editor

After more than a dozen years working as a newspaper reporter in Kansas, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, Joy Kopcha joined Modern Tire Dealer as senior editor in 2014. She has covered murder trials, a prison riot and more city council, county commission, and school board meetings than she cares to remember.



Commercial Tire Dealers Share Best Safety Practices

“There’s no competition when it comes to safety.” That has become the backbone and unofficial motto of the Safety Leadership Summit, an initiative led by and involving some of the nation’s largest commercial tire dealerships. In October 35 safety personnel gathered near Charlotte, N.C., to share best practices and ideas on how to make their employees, workplaces and the industry as a whole, safer.

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Off-Road Trends Help Grand Tire Pros Grow

It's All About LT Tires in Moab

For Grand Tire Pros in Moab, Utah, it used to be that the entire sales year revolved around a single event: the Easter Jeep Safari, a nine-day, off-roading bonanza that attracts tens of thousands of people to this remote desert town and the breathtaking national parks that surround it.

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Podcast: Do You Have the Right HR Systems in Place? Real-World Advice From an Expert

Ever wonder if you have the right HR systems and processes in place? In this episode of The Modern Tire Dealer Show, Jamie Hasty, vice president of SESCO Management Consultants - which advises some of the country's leading tire dealerships - offers real-world advice, from how to optimize your employee interview process to compensation plans, employee handbooks and more.

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Podcast: Tire Industry Gears Up for Strong Finish to 2021

August has been an action-packed month for the North American tire industry. In this episode of The Modern Tire Dealer Show, MTD’s editors discuss the top stories of the last several weeks, while providing commentary and analysis that you will not find anywhere else. There’s a lot going on - including strong indicators that the positive momentum that our industry is generating will continue through the rest of the year. Learn all about it right here! 

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ST Tires Contribute to Moore’s Tire Sales' Success

With 12 warehouses and a wholesale tire operation that covers much of New York and Pennsylvania, Moore’s Tire Sales Inc. is experiencing a big business boom. In the first three months of 2021, owner Bill Watkins said the company recorded a $4 million increase in sales. And at the start of the second quarter, the 43-person sales team hit its monthly quota more than a week ahead of schedule.
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Is a New Segment of CUV Tires Emerging?

Off-Roading CUVS Are Pushing Boundaries
As if CUVs weren’t already taking American roadways by storm, these versatile non-sedans are now increasingly the vehicle of choice for those who want to play off-road, too. It's adding complexity to the fast-growing CUV tire segment. Light truck tire experts break it down and answer the all-important question: What do tire dealers need to know as we move forward?
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