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B.O.B. Blog

A 35-year Modern Tire Dealer veteran, Bob Ulrich was editor of MTD from 2000 through 2020 and the author of the B.O.B. blog, whose posts are archived here. Before joining MTD, Bob earned a B.A. in English literature from Ohio Northern University. He also holds J.D. of Law from The University of Akron.

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Blog 4: Alignment Has Changed Dramatically in 50 Years

The alignment performed on this Ford Galaxy was unique in 1969. "Back in the day, you dug a hole...

As part of our yearlong celebration of Modern Tire Dealer’s 100th anniversary, we continue to compare the past to the present with an eye toward the future. Today, as part of my 5 blogs in 5 days series, we take you back to our October 1969 issue, when we wrote about Hunter Engineering Co.’s new Compute-A-Line F-60 computerized wheel aligner.

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Blog 2: Early Activity on the GTE Trade Show Floor

Sentury Tire USA is highlighting this 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, with size 37x13.50R22...

Five blogs in five days in Las Vegas continues! Yesterday's blog was a preview of Monday's Tire Industry Awards Banquet. It also included a teaser about the new Kenda Klever AT2 KR628, which Kenda Tire USA was launching in conjunction with Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week in Las Vegas Nov. 4-8.

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5 Blogs in 5 Days: the 2019 Global Tire Expo

Modern Tire Dealer also knows how to bring attendees and MTD editors together at the Global Tire...

More than 20 years ago, the International Tire Expo, under the direction of the Tire Association of North America, merged with the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas. The names have changed since then -- it's now called the Global Tire Expo "powered" by TIA (Tire Industry Association) -- but the event remains one of the biggest tire shows in the world.