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Commercial Business


Carlisle TyrFil Supports Reforestation Efforts

Carlisle TyrFil is supporting two new tree reforestation projects to help preserve America’s most endangered natural forest regions. In collaboration with American Forests, the company will plant seedlings to help repopulate territory in Virginia and Arkansas.


Truck Tire Market: Mid-Year Report -- Tiremakers Discuss Impact of COVID-19, When Recovery Will Begin

“We anticipate recovery will happen sooner for the commercial TBR replacement segment than for...

The U.S. truck tire market looked much different at the end of last year than it does now. Through the end of 2019, 18.7 million medium truck tires had been shipped through the replacement downward trajectory, but numbers were still at respectable levels. And tonnage was increasing, albeit slightly. Then, not too long later, COVID-19 hit. And to say that things have not been the same since is an understatement.


3 Areas to Watch for a Commercial Rebound

"Over the long run, we see freight experiencing some large increases as we go forward," says...

From trucking to manufacturing to construction, Sumitomo Rubber North America Inc. (SRNA) gathered data to paint a picture of the overall commercial sector as a way to calculate how it will affect the tire world. Here are takeaways from three key segments of the industry.


Truck Tire Market Report: Inventory Remains 'Strong,' Says Hankook's Williams

"We continue to focus on the needs of our current dealers and fleets and expect miles driven to...

“Our current inventory levels remain strong and we expect our supply to remain at levels to meet market demands,” says Rob Williams, vice president of TBR sales, Hankook Tire America Corp. In this interview, Williams discusses the role Hankook’s global supply chain has played in ensuring consistent truck tire supply to U.S. dealers, plus other topics.


Truck Tire Market Report: 'We Are Continuing to Move Forward,' says Continental's Williams

"We also are continuing to move forward with new product introductions," says Williams. "Several...

In this interview, Paul Williams, executive vice president of commercial vehicle tires, Americas region, Continental Tire the Americas LLC, discusses the expected effect of COVID-19 on truck tire demand, how shipments for the rest of the year could be impacted and more. “Overall, we believe that our strong partnerships with our customers will lead Continental to success,” he says.