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Commercial Tires


Titan Touts Ply Ratings of OTR Tires

The new Titan CM150 comes in three sizes 18.00-33, 33.25-35 and 37.25-35. The newest size...

Titan International Inc. says it has introduced the industry’s highest ply ratings for two of its existing OTR product lines, the Titan CM100 and the Titan CM150. “This higher ply rating allows for carrying significantly heavier loads, and doing so with greater durability and a longer life,” say Titan officials.


Nama Touts Performance of NF104 Truck Tire

Nama Tires says its all-steel NF104 truck tire has exceeded the 200,000-mile mark and is "still...

Nama Tires Inc. says fleets are reporting that its Nama brand NF104 commercial truck tires have "worked continuously for two years in normal road conditions" and are still "working now."


Bridgestone Launches Bandag MaxTread Line

Eight products make up the new Bandag MaxTread line.

The new Bandag MaxTread line from Bridgestone Americas Inc. "features quality Bandag retreads as a standalone, single unit tire solution, rather than a traditional cap and casing offering."


Yokohama Launches All-Position Truck Tire

“The 504C is the tire for jobs that go beyond where the pavement ends,” said Tom Clauer,...

Yokohama Tire Corp.’s new all-position truck tire, the 504C, is “engineered with a sturdy undertread to handle the punishment of on- and off-highway applications,” according to Yokohama officials.


TGI Adds Super-Regional Products to Cosmo Truck Tire Line

The three new Cosmo super-regional truck tires sport the brand's tiger head, paw print and claw...

Tire Group International (TGI) has added three Cosmo brand commercial truck tires for super-regional applications to its lineup. They include the CT575+, the CT578+ and the CT778+, all of which "blend the durability of a long-haul tire with the casing strength of a regional tire," say TGI officials.


Bridgestone Adds Firestone FD692 to Truck Tire Lineup

The SmartWay-verified tire features 400% more biting edges that its predecessor and has earned...

Bridgestone Americas Inc. has expanded its lineup of Firestone brand medium truck tires with the introduction of the Firestone FD692. The SmartWay-verified tire features 400% more biting edges than its predecessor and has earned 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification.