The Search Is On for Tire Leaders of the Future

May 7, 2018

Modern Tire Dealer is searching for the young bright minds who are shaping the next generation of the tire industry.

On the Rise is MTD’s exclusive group of young professionals. We’re looking for the bright stars at work in your tire dealership and within any business that touches and influences the industry. Our On the Rise stars represent everything from fourth-generation family tire dealers and the biggest tire manufacturers in the world to single-stores that operate with a small staff.

These trailblazers might be working behind the counter or in a service truck. They might be studying chemical compounds and testing tires on a track. Or they might be selling tires or supplies. What makes them stand out is their attitude, their confidence and the ideas they bring to the table.

We want to meet the hard-working young people who are propelling your business forward.

Steer the young leaders you know to sign up for On the Rise. Here’s a link to the short nomination form each person needs to submit. The group is designed to highlight the work of those who are under age 40.

Take a look at the young leaders already featured in On the Rise.

And if you have any questions, contact MTD’s Senior Editor and Digital Projects Editor Joy Kopcha.