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Cover Story - August 2017

M/T Tires are Having a Moment: Consumer Demand Is Blurring the Lines

By: Joy Kopcha

Of the 19 tire manufacturers who responded to our questions, 11 have introduced new M/T tires since 2015. And at least three more new M/T tires are expected to be unveiled in the next 24 months. Nick Gutierrez, sales manager for Sentury Tire Americas, refers to it as a “flash flood.”

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Figure 1: Identifying the transmitter activation tool (J-45295) – typical.

TPMS: 2008 – 2017 Nissan Rogue and Rogue Select

During driving 2008-2017 Nissan Rogue and Rogue Select models at speeds above 25 mph (40 km/h), the low tire pressure warning system receives the signal transmitted from the transmitter installed in each wheel, and gives alarms when the tire pressure becomes low. When the low tire pressure warning system detects low inflation pressure or another unusual symptom, the warning light in the instrument cluster comes on.

The pass-through open shoulder on the X Multi D tire provides traction in all weather and road conditions.

Michelin Focuses on Regional Fleets with X Multi D

Michelin North America Inc. is targeting a fast-rising segment of the truck tire industry with its new Michelin X Multi D, a regional drive-position tire designed for trucks and fleets making shorter, more regional urban hauls.

Manufacturers Hennessy and Wegmann advise shops considering a transition away from lead wheel weights to have their technicians test different types of weights.

Wheel Weight Update: Lead Wheel Weights are Still Here... in Most States

In 2009, it looked like lead wheel weights were destined to become a tire shop memory. In August of that year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it would pursue a nationwide ban on the manufacture and distribution of lead wheel weights. Yet in 2017, lead wheel weights remain legal in 42 states.


Weak Sales Trends Will Prove to be Transitory

According to the results of our survey, demand for passenger and light truck replacement tires increased modestly in June. From a volume standpoint, the dealers reported that they sold 0.4% more tires in June relative to the previous year’s period.

The 19-year-old tire after the deadly blowout.

The Aging Tire Battle Gets Closer to Victory in Europe

Back in March 2016, I wrote about the ongoing battle with dangerous and part-worn tires in Europe. I highlighted a particular case in which a 19-year-old tire was fitted to a coach that had a blowout and crashed in the UK in 2012, killing three teenagers. The mother of one of the fatally injured youngsters, Frances Molly, was in the middle of a long and determined campaign to ban all tires over the age of 10 years old.

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