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Cover Story - August 2018

‘Small’ Tires, Big Demands: Lower Profile, Wide-Base Sizes Are Gaining Ground

By: Ann Neal

Demand for a new off-the-road tire size is contributing to the growth of the market for small OTR tires.

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As a fleet’s tire service provider and/or retreader, you can be a great source of failure analysis if the unit numbers and wheel positions can be tracked.

Help Fleets Understand the Reasons Behind Tire Failure

It’s said that dead men tell no tales. Dead tires sure do. If trucking fleets ignore them, they do so at their own expense. Since tires rarely self-destruct, there is always a smoking gun, and it’s everyone’s best interest to find it and bring it to the attention of the trucking company.


Are You an S Corp or C Corp?

A small business is much, much, much better off as an S corp for many reasons. For starters, if your store or stores made less than $50,000 in profit last year as a C corp, your tax rate is about to go up. 

Light truck tires are 25% of unit sales and growing at Nick Lenhart’s store in Irwin, Pa. Photo courtesy of Nick Lenhart

Light Truck Tires: Dealers Adapt as Consumers Steer Away From Sedans

Demand for light trucks has exploded, and tire dealer Nick Lenhart sees it at the sales counter of Lenhart’s Service Center Tire Pros. In the first six months of 2018, light truck tires were 25% of unit sales. For comparison, in all of 2017, 18% of sales at the Irwin, Pa., dealership were LT tires.

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